Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seed, with 45-55% oil content, is an important food ingredient supplied primarily in Africa, Asia and comes in a host of different colours determined by the variety, with two distinct types of recognised colours, the white and the black and also intermediate coloured varieties varying from red to rose or from brown to grey. White seeds are a white-to-golden colour and receive a higher market price than mixed seeds, which range from yellow to dark brown. White seeds are used primarily in natural or hulled form because of their aesthetic value, whereas mixed seeds are generally crushed into oil.

Sesame seeds are consumed in the form of roasted/raw seeds as well as oils holding applications in both cooking as well as cosmetics. Sesame seeds are mostly processed directly into oil, but can also be sold in various stages of processing for different uses, such as meal, paste, confections and bakery products.

Black sesame seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and calcium and serve very well for non-dairy milk powders and other premium applications. The black seed is smaller than the white seed.
Main producers of Sesame Seeds are; Sudan, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Main consumers of Sesame Seeds are; Turkey, China, Israel, middle Eastern countries, Japan, South Korea, the US and the EU.

There are multiple varieties of sesame grown, with special properties/characteristics;

  • White Sesame Seeds
    known for their nutty flavor and is used as a condiment for baking purposes, it is mostly found sprinkled over buns and cakes. It's the 'standard' variety grown in India, and most appropriate for hulling.
  • Black Sesame Seeds
    rich in flavor , common in Asian  countries, mostly used as a seasoning in salads, also found on top of sushis.
  • Brown (Golden) Sesame Seeds
    known for their high content of oil around 45-50%, used for extraction of oil which is extensively used in India.

The Sesame seed market can also be segmented on the basis of seed variety;

• Hulled Sesame Seeds
• Natural Sesame Seeds
• White Sesame Seeds
• Black Sesame Seeds
• Brown Sesame Seeds
• Red Sesame Seeds

ARASCO is trading all colours and varieties of Sesame Seeds. Our main origins are Sudan, India and Ethiopia. Our extended network allows us to supply any origin, depending on your needs.

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