Sugar, a sweet-flavored ingredient used in many types of food and drinks around the world, is being consumed by humans since ancient times, with its origins in the Indian sub-continent. In ancient times sugar was originally being consumed by chewing on raw sugarcanes. The first records in which it was crystallized to make it easier for transportation, dates back to around 500 BC.

Sugar can be found in almost every plant, but it can only be extracted, in an economically efficient manner, from sugarcane and sugar beet. However sugarcane is by far the more popular resource in the production, making almost 80% of the production. Climate and production costs are the main reasons why sugarcane exceeds sugar beet in production volume.

Brazil, India, China, Pakistan, Mexico and Colombia are major producers of sugarcane due to their favorable tropical climate.
Sugar beet is produced mainly in the European Union, Russia, the U.S. and Turkey. Meanwhile, countries importing the highest value worth of sugar consist of the U.S., China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, South Korea and Italy.

ARASCO is trading Refined Sugar produced from sugarcane or sugar beet. Our main origins are Brazil, India and the EU. Our extended network allows us to supply any origin, depending on your needs.

Sugar Trading

Almost 70% of the world's sugar is consumed in its country of origin, while the rest is traded on international markets. There are two main exchanges around the world for sugar trading; On the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), futures contract World Sugar No. 11 for raw sugar. On the InterContinental Exchange (ICE), futures contract U.S. Sugar No. 16 for raw cane sugar.

The number one exchange for trading sugar is the NYMEX, which is benchmark for sugar prices.

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